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About us

VALEOCARE as part of the Valeo Laboratories Group is your source for all types of hemp products in the European Union. Be this hemp oils, hemp extracts or isolates. The owners of ValeoCare work together with agronomists, some of whom have more than 75 years of experience in hemp cultivation, to procure the raw material. This experience, combined with state-of-the-art extraction methods such as CO² extraction or ultrasonic cavitation extraction, are the cornerstones of our outstanding product quality.

Valeo-Care has a history of working closely with select farmers across Europe to grow some of the world’s most productive and highest quality hemp crops that facilitate the manufacturing of superior, yet competitively priced hemp-based products.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive "turnkey" delivery system for your hemp oils, extracts or isolates, capsules, dental gums, cosmetics and dental-care tailored to your needs, such as quantities, white label and product registration services.

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Our Vision

We provide a complete supply chain solution for your hemp-extract based products. You won’t find our label on all retail shelfs, but our hemp ingredients will be in the leading brands for hemp-oils, pet-oils, capsules, hemp-cosmetics, gums, dental tooth creme, skin care, e-liquids....

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Valeo Carefrom our fields to your brand.

Your supplier for high-quality products made out of hemp ingredients.

Our Services

To conduct all business with honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness, with a view that all supply chain stakeholders including growers, customers, processors and distributors, are integral partners in our mutual long-term success. Customers can trust that our products will add value to their brands, knowing that the quality is superior and the pricing is competitive.

Different product types

About pills and tablets, tinctures and ointments. Ask for our product ranges.

Supply to pharmacies

ValeoCare is also a supplier of active ingredients from the hemp plant for pharmacies.

Prescription pharmaceuticals

ValeoCare also supplies manufacturers of pharmaceuticals with the active ingredients from the hemp plant.

Emergency care

By keeping the necessary stocks, active ingredients can also be delivered by emergency express delivery.

Product Quality

Constant quality controls and analyses guarantee a constant maximum product quality.

Analytical Services

ValeoCare also offers gas chromatographic quality analysis for third-party products. Ask for our analytical services.


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Recent News

Almost every component (except controlled active substances) of the hemp plant is available in the usual market strengths of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 %.

ValeoCare uses only the ultrasonic cavitation method as the active ingredient extraction method. This method is considered to be the gentlest method to extract active ingredients from plants without high temperature influences.

ValeoCare clearly promotes the use of high-quality coconut-based MCT oils, as these oils promise the best bioavailability. Nevertheless, hemp seed oils and olive oils are also used in the production process.